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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page! Learn more about what to expect from EOL services from Empowered Pathways and what to expect when working with an End-of-Life Doula. 

What Is an End-of-Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula is a support professional who provides non-medical, non-judgmental, and holistic support and information to those who are nearing end of life. An End of Life Doula can also provide support to friends and family of the elderly, dying, or recently passed. End of life specialists educate and empower individuals to make decisions on their own end of life care. They can also be there to support and guide the family through the death and dying process.

An End of Life Doula offers information to the dying and their family, to help them become familiar with the normal and natural stages of dying. By demystifying the process, doulas can help to reduce fear and anxiety. 

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What Do I Need to Plan a Better Death?

Everyone deserves a peaceful end of life and a "better death," but the definition of this is entirely up to you. Planning for the end of life ahead of time can help you process your desires and wishes, set up Advance Directives or a living will, create a legacy project, hold a celebration of life, plan for hospice or death at home, prepare caregivers for the end stages, and more. 

For many, the first step is to consult an End of Life Doula and/or begin considering what a "better death" means to you. This is a vital step for seniors or the elderly, as well as memory care individuals and caregivers. It can also be a therapeutic process for the terminally ill and their families. 

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How Can an End-of-Life Doula Help Seniors?

End of Life specialists can help seniors organize their advance directives or living wills, find out more about how to create legal documents, celebrate their life, connect with loved ones, understand death, and envision the most peaceful death possible. End of Life Doulas can also offer emotional support and companionship, discuss important topics like funerals or vigil planning, provide community referrals, give virtual resources, and offer support/education for their caregivers.

From Empowered Pathways

How Do End-of-Life Doulas Help Caregivers?

Caregivers carry an immense amount of emotional weight and stress on their shoulders. An End of Life Doula can help guide caregivers through the end-of-life process so they can spend more time caring for themselves and their loved ones. 

An End of Life Doula can help caregivers with organization, education, resources, referrals, emotional support, respite services, and more. 

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Can End-of-Life Doulas Assist the Terminally Ill?

A recent diagnosis or a change in diagnosis can change an individual's outlook or shift focus for caregivers. End of Life Doulas can help clients get documents in order, celebrate life, organize belongings, examine the stages of death, create legacy projects, explore hospice or home death, and learn more about vigil planning. Doulas can also provide emotional support, respite care, and visitation services. 

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Are EOL Doulas Regulated?

No, at this time, there is no one governing body for EOL doulas. However, many organizations exist to support care and quality. Some doulas take on academic training while others get experience through volunteering or apprenticeship. Certain doulas have experience with death or the dying (like a former hospice worker).


At Empowered Pathways, our founder has taken academic End of Life Doula courses and has years of experience advocating for adults, providing supportive care, serving in memory care roles, and serving during death and in hospice. Jessica stays up to date with the latest standards in end of life planning and end of life care. Check out her credentials and continuing education here.

From Empowered Pathways

How Much Does an End of Life Doula Cost?

Every End of Life Doula sets their own service costs. You'll find the services at Empowered Pathways, LLC, affordable. Certified End-of-Life Doula Jessica Dawkins offers inclusive, accessible, and mindful Hourly Services and Flat Rate Packages. These options are designed to provide the most value to all clients.


Since doula services are self-pay, Empowered Pathways considers the needs of families and caregivers. Your Doula will provide you with a customized pricing sheet by email after your initial chat or call. Please note that a sliding scale is available for low income individuals, and we offer two scholarships per year for eligible memory care or terminally ill clients. Please inquire during your discovery session.

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What Should I Know About Advance Directives?

An advance directive may also be known as a living will. It is a critical piece of end-of-life planning. Advance directives are written statements of your wishes (or your loved one's wishes) that are able to be carried out if you or a loved one become incapacitated. 

There are many considerations when creating advance directives, and everyone's situation is different. An end of life doula like Jessica Dawkins of Empowered Pathways can help you create an advance directive or living will plan. 

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What Is Vigil Planning?

An end-of-life vigil is the act of being with another person, such as a loved one, during their time of death. Vigil planning explores the vigil process for yourself or a loved one, so you can organize the plan before the vigil happens. Vigil planning can take an immense burden off the shoulders of individuals and their caregivers.  An end-of-life doula can help you plan and facilitate the vigil process. 

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What Is a Green Burial?

A Green Burial, also known as a natural burial, is an eco-friendly alternative to typical Western burial methods. It is becoming more popular for its environmentally-conscious approach and method that does not prevent decomposition and allows the body to be naturally recycled to the Earth. 

To learn more about this end-of-life option, Book a Free Consultation with our end-of-life specialist, Jessica Dawkins. 

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How Do I Begin My Journey With an End-of-Life Doula?

The best way to see if End of Life Doula services are for you is to Schedule a Consultation. Tell your story and address questions or concerns. 


Conversations with our Doula are free and require no obligation. Click here to schedule your complimentary 20-minute video consultation or free 15-minute consultation via text message.

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