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Meet Jessica

Your End of Life Doula

Hi! My name is Jessica Dawkins, BA, and I'm an End-of-Life (EOL) Doula. Serving others is my passion.

At the age of four, I told my mother I was speaking with family members' spirits in my great grandmother's home. Sensitive and caring, I became a lifelong writer, creator, and helper.

During high school, I spent hundreds of hours volunteering in senior living homes and memory care centers, providing a caring ear and creative outlet as an arts assistant. I became passionate about working with the elderly and those with Alzheimer's and dementia. 

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2010 with an English BA, a minor in Sociology, coursework in world religions, and a certification as a Creative Writing Workshop Instructor. In my early years after college I worked as an educator, marketer, executive assistant, Guardian Advocate, and mental health technician.

Event with my volunteering history, my grandmother's Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2016 took me and my family by great surprise and left us unprepared for the journey ahead. I drew strength and insight from my experiences, but there truly is no preparation for the reality of end-of-life as a family member or caregiver. 

She passed away in peace in hospice in 2017 with me and her dearest family members by her side. Through this life-changing and spiritually moving time, I knew I would someday use my skills, compassion, and insight help others going through the same sort of experience.  

After nine years as a professional content writer and marketing business owner, and years of personal development (including becoming a certified Reiki Master), my growth journey has led me to start Empowered Pathways, LLC, to be there for those experiencing end of life and empower individuals and caregivers to make their best end-of-life decisions. 

Bachelor of Arts, University of Central Florida 

Mental Health Training, Walden University

Reiki Master Certificate, Natural Healer

Certified Writing Workshop Instructor, UCF

End-of-Life Doula Certificate, IAP College 

CE Training for Professional Doulas, NEDA

Discover Jessica's Continuing Education

Mother Daughter Portrait

Empowered Pathways End-of-Life Services

Like many of us, your personal idea of a "better death"  may differ from what you've witnessed in the past. Despite your wishes, you may not know how to create a new path forward.


This is what Empowered Pathways, LLC is all about. During this phase of your life, you deserve to chart your own path. Founder and Certified End-of-Life Doula Jessica Dawkins believes everyone has the right to empower themselves and their families. 

Book a free consultation to discuss vigil planning, advance directives, legacy projects, and more.

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