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End-of-Life Doula Services

Individual & Caregiver Support from an End of Life Doula

Virtual and face-to-face advance care planning, consulting, and support services for seniors, terminally ill patients, caregivers, and those considering their end-of-life plans,.

Life Reviews & Legacy Projects 

Celebrate a life well-lived. Create audio projects, videos, print books, travel plans, recipe books, or anything that helps to remember you or your loved one's one-of-a-kind skills and personality.

Exploring Living Wills and Advance Directives

Navigate your desires and possible options regarding advance directives and living wills. Learn ways to take control of your health and dying wishes if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. 

Grief & Mourning Support

Support is available for sudden death, terminally ill patients, families, and caregivers. from a former mental health technician and grief supporter. Get help organizing post-death needs and creating a plan for healing. 

Vigil Planning

Design a peaceful, comfortable, and prepared vigil plan for you and your family. Create a vision for your space, discuss location, and determine who will be part of your vigil process via virtual planning.

Organizing Items & Objects Post-Death

Get virtual or face-to-face support for organizing, distributing, or recycling your items or the belongings of a loved one. End-of-life and post-death services are available. 

End of Life Document Consulting

Get clarity about what forms and documents are needed while creating end-of-life plans. Receive support for necessary post-death documents with the help of a caring professional. Virtual appointments available. 

Comfort & Care Consulting

Face-to-face services are available for Volusia County, FL seniors and caregivers at home, hospital, or hospice, including hourly companionship and legacy services, and more. 

Living Funeral Planning and Celebrations of Life

Living funerals are a celebration of life before the end-of-life process. Create a living funeral to celebrate yourself or your loved one, while you're here with them. Services available anywhere in the U.S.

End of Life Education & Green Burial Planning

Learn about the stages of death with educational support from a Certified End of Life Doula. Discover Green Burials and environmentally-conscious options.

Writing Workshops for Grief or Self-Expression

Creative Writing Workshops for hospices, senior centers, memory care facilities, and health facilities. One-on-one creative sessions for individuals exploring healing modalities or creating legacy projects.

Support for Memory Care & Terminally Ill

Receive specialized memory care support from an experienced memory care volunteer and Alzheimer's caregiver. 

Spiritual Support 

Receive support in incorporating your spiritual or religious beliefs into your end-of-life planning, whatever spirituality or religion you may be. Empowered Pathways is an inclusive environment. 

End-of-Life Family Facilitation via Zoom 

Meet with your end-of-life doula and your family, friends, or caregivers via Zoom to discuss end-of-life plans or bereavement-related needs. Have your session led and advised by an end-of-life doula. 

Pet Death Services 

Receive support in creating an end-of-life plan for pets or honoring pets. Services are available for mourning the loss of a pet or creating a remembrance project. 

End-of-Life Education Sessions for Hospice, Senior Centers, and More 

Empowered Pathways offers group educational sessions for caregivers, families, and interested individuals on-site at hospices, senior care centers, and memory care facilities.

Reiki Master Consultations

Receive energy support from a Certified Reiki Master. Explore how working with the chakras can help you move at your own pace during the grief process. 

Grief Support Groups and Creative Sessions

Meet face-to-face in Volusia County or via Zoom for grief, bereavement, end-of-life, and caregiver meetups. Discuss grief, write together, or process grief through movement and nature.

Online and In-Person "Death Cafes"

Support-group and dialogue-style conversations sponsored by Empowered Pathways and held in the community or over Zoom to discuss death, grief, death planning, and more. 

In-Person "Death Dinners"

Join fellow individuals or caregivers in your community at a Volusia County "death dinner." These restaurant dinners, lunches, and potlucks are organized by Empowered Pathways.

Hospice Companionship

Companionship sessions in hospice for seniors or terminally ill. Caregivers can receive respite while your doula takes time out to communicate or comfort the individual in need.

Bereavement Visits

Meet with your Doula for bereavement emotional support or make an appointment for a requested service, like a food drop-off. 

Guided Nature Walks

Join your Doula in nature during a guided nature walk to get the body moving, take in the beautiful sights of the natural world, and grieve or come together.

"What to Expect" Packages

Families and caregivers often need assistance organizing next steps, documents to gather, and how to proceed with the end of life process. A personalized PDF report can help keep you organized.


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